freedom a double edged sword.

This is the post excerpt.


choices are a funny thing.  don’t like your circumstances?  you are free..to choose -different.  the beauty of freedom, is a mind set.  i am free to see the beauty of life.  i am free to inject myself with nature.  choices.


free to fly- the mindset of unreal time alternate univerise unconscious…dream reality or not…to see vivid blind but not blind–paradox reality of memory–not lived in life? Memory another space for time evolution…I can’t wake up. by slg 10/15/2017


grand is me journey me me me…stop.  doe..rae..me..fas..ei..lote..doe

lost tone so perfect, empty is pitch.    i remember choices..freedom.  i remember sadness death….just a bystander watching…all go by

not i.  i am in it…slithering in vomit .. mi’ fun…….fresh warm cow shit..so soft gushy…stick my bare foot ..in it…stop…i don’t….dread embrace…aroma in air of change..crack the whip thunder enlighting

mother nature is on the way….tornado   time..jump into steller……no-not a spelling error

fear real even when spelled wrong…..choices..freedom  grand is me journey…me..me..me doe-ra-me-faw-si-la-ti-do sings a child memory.


sheri gordon 09//27/2017


A beautiful song..hiding

Afraid of love being heard

Pretending..to be…something different

Than the sweet melody

Of unwritten poetry..spoken so true without any words.

You sing inside my soul

In spite of fear- you can not hide..inside

Your mind’s maze

You can not make silent-with outward rage.

I hear your song.


written by sheri benefield/gordon 2005 Oxnard College .  Oxnard California.  FINAL Creative Writing.





i remember

tomorrow..for it is not here…it is there…waiting to become

tomorrow…i remember being born…today..live.. .. in a blink of a eye

tomorrow…never comes…. to become..a memory of today

i remember leaves spinning like a cyclone….i thought

tomorrow such a long wait…..to see prisms ..colors….leaves dying..

tomorrow..is not a promise…tomorrow is not a achievement to hang on the wall

like habitat for humanity….save the whales…so Asia can eat them

i remember nothing….blank is the end…blank is the begining

i remember nothing…i am faking..being awake…i pretend to be asleep walking

tomorrow i might wake up.   freedom.     by sheri gordon 09/24/2017

going insane…dreaming, night after night..years now-same dream. i have a apartment beautiful ocean view-ocean flooding my apartment nightly. i will stop now. the emotions the smells the love. you cant go sheri. freedom to dream. change the memory of reality-i fly at will now-when dreaming. cant recall when i learned to fly. forsure 50yrs of age.